How to watch TV channels on any smartphone / tablet / android without the Internet?

how to watch TV channels on your smartphone or tablet without an internet connection.

For this we need a compact TV receiver DVB-T2 micro USB. This is a digital receiver that connects to a micro usb or type-c. After connecting, you can watch TV channels of excellent quality on any tablet or phone.

This receiver on the AliExpress marketplace, With the help of this receiver, you can make a full-fledged TV from the old tablet and watch television at work, in the car, in the garage, on fishing, etc.

The package includes the DVB-T2 receiver itself, a telescopic antenna and an antenna for a bad signal with an extension. Even a child can handle the connection, we connect the antenna to the receiver and the receiver itself directly to the smartphone or tablet.

Next, we need to install an application for watching television. There are two ways to do this: 1. Scan the QR code on the device box and install the application. 2. enter DVB-T2 in the Play Market and install the application.

After the first opening of the TV viewing application with the connected receiver, you will start the channel search. After the search I was offered three radio channels and 30 digital TV channels.

The channels are shown in excellent quality on the entire screen, I did not observe any interference. And most importantly, you do not need internet to watch television.