Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen

Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen

RX17 OPPO Neo smartphone from the famous Chinese manufacturer, introduced in November 2018. This device is the middle class, bright eye-catching stylish design, with modern hardware and an innovative fingerprint scanner. This feature brings the gadget to the category of flagships.
The cost of the device in Europe is 349 euros ($400), in Russia – 30 thousand roubles. It's a lot, but the smartphone looks attractive. Is it any good actually, what RX17 OPPO Neo has pros and cons, will help us figure out our review of this smartphone.

Design, design, dimensions and weight

Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
The smartphone is made in the currently fashionable high-gloss design, and it is one of the main features, along with slim framework. It looks premium in hand felt nice. Front display has a small chin, a width of approximately 5 mm. Side frame and the upper about 3 mm.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
At the top there is a keyhole under the camera for selfies and sensors.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
Material of back panel similar to glass, but it was some kind of hard plastic that collects fingerprints and micro-scratches. Frame the base is also plastic, and scratched. Of course, to protect the device can cover (he even included), but he takes the lion's share of beauty.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
And the beauty here really is: texture the back panel has a bright maroon-red-ruby color. In the fall of the rays of the lid shimmers, showing a bright light. To hide such beauty under a case of procrastination, but if you don't have to hide – it is unlikely it will remain for a long time.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
The lower end of the device contains all the basic elements: speaker, MicroUSB port, 3.5 mm Jack and microphone.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
A second microphone placed on the upper end.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
To the right is the power button/lock.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
Left – buttons for volume control and slot for cards.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
The dimensions of OPPO Neo RX17 is 158,3x7,5x7,4 mm (excluding protruding camera), and the gadget weighs 156 grams. This is roughly identical to the old devices by 5.5". For example, the iPhone 8 Plus on the same height, but 3 mm wider, and the Mi Note 3 – at 1 mm and 5 mm below.

Features of OPPO Neo RX17

The device is equipped with iron in the average level, typical of such devices, but not the most powerful in its price category.


RX17 OPPO Neo is based on the chipset Snapdragon 660. This chip is the average level produced by the fabrication process 14 nm. It contains 4 Cortex A53 and A73 with frequencies up to 2 GHz and 1.8. Graphics processor – Adreno 512. This is the actual chip that combines good performance with moderate power consumption.
The smartphone is very smart, visually the gap with the leaders, you won't notice unless you compared "head-on". Everything opens quickly, smoothly, without delays and jerks. In the test AnTuTu smartphone is gaining 132 thousand points, of which 60 thousand and 27 thousand graphics.
To test the stability the CPU sets the frequency of the cores A73 1.74 GHz, A53 – of 1.53 GHz, and keeps them. No throttle and after 20 minutes, although the temperature rises extremely high (but acceptable), and in the upper part gets hot.


The smartphone comes in one configuration, with 4GB RAM and 128 GB of memory. There is a possibility of its expansion. As a RAM, judging by the speed (about 5.7 GB/s) LPDDR4 is used in single channel mode. Permanent memory (280/200 MB/s) is represented by the eMMC chip. Has support for OTG drives, at USB 2.0 transfer speeds.
Data benchmarks


RX17 OPPO Neo is equipped with a non-removable battery 3610 mAh. Considering not the voracious chipset, is this enough to achieve normal autonomy. When watching a video from YouTube on full brightness I managed to get from a smartphone 7 hours on a single charge.
In WoT Blitz a half hour game on the brightness around 30% (a comfortable level in the room for me) the battery's to 10% in half an hour. So a full charge under load – about 5 hours, which is good. With moderate use in mixed mode, the charge will last a day or two, and maybe three, depending on your habits.
Charger included – simple, with a voltage of 5 volts and current up to 2 amps. No fast charging (the charging speed of native BP and a block from QC is no different), which is not good, but not critical. To replenish the battery to 100% takes a little over 2 hours from QC this process would take an hour and a half at least. That is, a small loss.


The main camera is dual, with the matrixes on 16 and 2 MP. The main sensor has a size of 1/2,8" (pixels of 1.12 microns) that supports phase detection autofocus and is equipped with a lens with an aperture of F/1,7. The auxiliary sensor is used to measure the depth of exposure is the aperture of F/2.4.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
About the camera OPPO Neo RX17 not much to say. Neither praise her nor blame, not for that. In the app I did not like that the settings a little, even permission not to choose. But there is a manual mode, setting shutter speed, ISO, color temperature, etc. And the rest is typical.
In daylight, in cloudy weather, the phone takes good pictures, the quality of which is typical for the middle class. I compared Mi with Max 3, and in comparison, the smartphone gives more contrast image, a little better delineates the contours of objects, but makes more noise. Obviously, this is a consequence of the larger resolution with a smaller pixel size, and features.
In conditions of shortage of light noises become very noticeable. The picture is replete with colorful artifacts, the text turns loose, fuzzy. This scenario demonstrates that against physics will not do. At Max Mi matrix and the pixels are larger, and therefore "trash" him less.
In artificial light camera shows the acceptable quality of detail images. It features typical for the middle class, plus or minus.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
On the positive side, the OPPO Neo have RX17 is to provide contrast images, high resolution and close to the natural (though chilly) white balance. The disadvantages include noise and nevadalas night possible.
The front camera has a resolution of 25 MP, has a size of 1/2,8" and fitted with optics F/2. As for selfie, it is good, knows how to make good pictures under normal lighting. There is a mode bokeh with blurry background. But small pixel (0.9 ám) makes itself felt, for him noise frontally more than basic.
Selfie with bokeh and without
Video smartphone writes in 4K resolution, HD or HD with a frame rate of 30 FPS. Slow-Mo, there is only Express 10 times recording.


RX17 OPPO Neo is equipped with OLED display with a diagonal of 6.4" and a resolution of 2340х1080 points. You have to understand that despite the large figure, the apparatus is compact. The screen is big, but it's because of the proportions of 19.5:9. The screen width is similar to the matrices on a 5.5" 16:9 format, and significantly less than in the same Mi Max 2. The unit itself, thanks to the narrow framework, is not a shovel.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
The maximum brightness of the display is large, of the order of 500 CD/m2. It is smoothly adjustable, but the minimum level for automatic adjustment I don't like: too dim. The matrix has a PenTile structure, which is clearly seen on the macro photos of the screen: shows the "checkerboard" pattern. Also, the camera allows to detect the use of PWM dimming.
The structure of the pixels. It is seen that black don't glow.
Due to the fact that the screen is built on the matrix AMOLED, wide-format not interfere. Even if the video viewing will be strips at the edges, you won't notice (like the cutout for the camera) because the black areas of the display blend in with the black front frame.
Sensor supports up to 10 touches. It works well, but if you apply simultaneously to more than 7 digits (which happens in practice?) – get a smartphone to immediately recognize all of them proved difficult. The sensor is covered by tempered glass (not Gorilla) with oleophobic coating average efficiency.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen


The smartphone works with networks of all relevant standards 2G-4G. Support LTE Band 20 is. A slot for cards separate, and allows you to set two SIM cards, USB flash drive and at the same time. Wi-Fi dual band, support 5GHz networks. Bluetooth is version 5.0, supports sound output in high quality. GPS/GLONASS/BDS on open area catches well, in terms of development – medium.
Unfortunately, OPPO Neo RX17 is no NFC module. His absence is forgivable smartphone for $200, but in the apparatus twice as expensive as it practically must be available in 2019. No matter you need it or not.
For charging and data exchange provides a MicroUSB port. As for me, it's a minus, it is time for Type C jump. OTG works, but it needs to be enabled in settings.


The sound in the RX17 OPPO Neo typical for a smartphone middle class. Speaker is pretty loud. In comparison with Mi Max 3 it is approximately the same volume, but it gives a slightly deeper low frequencies. Noise and rattling, of course not.
Headphones smartphone sounds good, the volume is there, but not very large. The bass is there, but the high frequencies are more pronounced. So fans of bass will have to play with the equalizer. Some outstanding musical abilities with the device is not seen: he plays like a typical mid-end smartphone.
With Bluetooth headsets it's all right, support aptX and LDAC is. The battery power of the headphones displayed in the settings but at the top line of the indicators it is not displayed.


The smartphone features a fingerprint scanner in the screen. On Board are accelerometer, magnetometer (compass), gyroscope, gravity sensor. The standard set by the standards of the smartphone, nothing outstanding. The notification light at the RX17 OPPO Neo no.


The smartphone is running 5.2 ColorOS, based on Android 8.1. This is a typical Chinese custom, without a separate application menu, with a redesigned shutter and standard software. In the international version (the review was it) all localized Google services installed.
In terms of user interface ColorOS is very similar to MIUI (only with elements of "iOS" in the design), but also from runoff is not radically different, so the difficulties with the development of the system in the transition from another brand no, everything is simple and clear. OPPO Neo RX17 is working stably, during the tests, no bug is not seen.
Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen Review OPPO Neo RX17: a beautiful smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the screen
Find fault with want to menu controls settings that are more modest than drain, and MIUI. For example, the tool monitor the energy consumption cannot build a work schedule on a single charge, no need to specify the consumption by an application/component, from the moment of charging.
Only displays total data per day, excluding charges. For most it is not critical. But such a system does not allow to control the behavior of applications in order to limit the voracious software. And the whole OS again, good, not abuse of that.

Features of OPPO Neo RX17

Features of the smartphone are the frame around the screen, which is really very thin, and the fingerprint scanner. It is built right into the screen, so the usual "patch" on the body nowhere to be found. If you take RX17 OPPO Neo hands – the device responds to it (apparently, by the accelerometer) and displays in the scanner area of the circle to which you need to put finger.
The sensor works correctly, it is almost always possible to count the finger on the first attempt. But as the technology of fingerprint sensor in the screen is still new, it works this scanner is slightly slower traditional. Not to say that this causes inconvenience. But, after almost instantly reacts the rear sensors, you need a little to get used to that finger should hold for about a second, and do not clean up immediately.
Real discomfort can occur only in the cold. Testing the camera on the street, I have never been able to unlock the phone at the first attempt.

Alternatives RX17 OPPO Neo

Alternative RX17 OPPO Neo is the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). He's got a smaller screen, fingerprint scanner common, but a triple camera and NFC. Huawei Y9 (2019) also has no display scanner but equipped with a bigger battery, 6 GB of memory, dual cameras front and rear, and is cheaper. But it has IPS screen, and no NFC.
Xiaomi Mi8 Lite is also equipped with IPS-display without the scanner has a similar design, hardware and battery. On his side of the Type C, the camera is better, fast charging. The only opponent is equipped with a finger scanner in the display, Meizu is 16X. He also has a better camera, there's Type C, the chipset is newer and more powerful (SD710), there are stereo speakers. But part of the design it is against the background RX17 OPPO Neo looks unconvincing.
Internal competition RX17 OPPO Neo are twins OPPO K1 and R15X. It "clones" smartphone for the Chinese market, which they can buy for $230 and $300, respectively. The first 4/64 GB of memory, the second – 6/128, both no slot for a flash drive, and a different set of LTE frequencies, and the firmware adapted for China. But for the sake of economy, many are willing to forgive these shortcomings.

The pros and cons of OPPO Neo RX17

  • design;
  • balanced iron;
  • innovative fingerprint scanner;
  • a large amount of drive;
  • separate MicroSD slot.
  • easily soiled and scratched housing;
  • microUSB instead of Type C;
  • there is no NFC.

Our review of OPPO Neo RX17

RX17 OPPO Neo is a beautiful mid – range smartphone with decent functionality. It is equipped with balanced iron, has a stylish design, juicy OLED display, equipped with an innovative fingerprint scanner. Fatal flaws review of the smartphone is not revealed, but has not been without drawbacks.
Case OPPO Neo RX17 beautiful, but requires careful treatment. The finger scanner is impressive technology, but not its speed from the microUSB already blowing past, and the NFC module to many users is very important. Given the lack of competition, which will be equally beautiful, and the scanner in the screen (and OPPO Neo RX17 many interesting exactly due to it), the gadget is worthy of attention. But, for me, it should be available to achieve good sales.

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