Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google

Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google

Last year it was released 5 beta 9 Android. Each was improved and speeded up the system. In 2019 Google will release 6 beta versions. The new firmware is installed without any effort, almost by air. A lot of new features in the settings are still experimental, but may become part of a stable release. For example, the video recording of the screen, select sound output device.

Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google

Visual changes

The percentage charge is displayed in the upper right corner instead of the bottom edge. When the screen is locked instead of the fingerprint is displayed is concise castle. The animation pattern has also changed. The line under your finger disappear instantly.
Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google
When playing music, displays the name of the track with blurred album artwork on the background. Looks nice and gives even more atmosphere, relaxing, not distracting from listening to the tracks.
Changed system font. The difference is not very noticeable, but the new style looks neater. The install window apps in a pop-up window, not full screen as before. On the lock screen of the phone displays the scheduled event, if any.
Change the style of icons. Appeared developer menu where you can change the form of icons, font style, and accent color in the subject. Popular dark theme is no longer in the settings panel, it is displayed automatically when you turn on power saving mode.
Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google
Now the lock screen interface elements are a little moved around the screen, that does not prevent the user but keep the pixels from burning out.
Built a new set of Wallpaper, some of them are interactive, reacting to touch.

Changes in the system

The system update would focus on safety. Now the owner of the phone controls all the changes and settings. Of course in the new system was implemented and a lot of small updates, that list is endless.
The full name of the operating system will be known after the official release. That is, in late summer or early fall.
The system has an opportunity for 3D scanning of the face. Wi-Fi and 4G can work at the same time, no more waiting for switching them. Photos are saved in the new format, which takes into account the depth of objects in the frame. This will help users when editing photos.
In the Android Q will be multi mode applications. Now two apps can run simultaneously. If from the desktop removes the icon, you are prompted to restore it. This will protect against accidental deletion of apps.
It is important! Hold the power button while your phone is locked, causes the panel of the emergency call. Here you can add contacts of people to which a man may appeal, finding the phone. Or to call for help in an emergency. Also in this panel you can record vital information about the owner.

Security and geolocation

Notifications now be customized. It is swipe to the left. A swipe to the right removes the notification. The paragraph "security and location" is split into 3 sub-item. Namely:
  • privacy policy;
  • location;
  • security.
Appeared section is where you can disable personalized ads from Google.
The design of dialog boxes has changed. Upon entering the app, the system asks when it is possible to use geolocation, always or while using the app. Once the app will go into background mode, location services will be switched off.
Android 10 Q — what is known about the new operating system Google

Artificial intelligence and charging

Android has introduced an artificial intelligence that stores the history of charge and automatically turns into power saving mode when he realizes that you will not be able to wait for recharging of the power supply. In the upper right corner to see what the time is enough battery power.
The new Android system has become even safer and more productive, users will find plenty of modifications and upgrades.

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