Description and comparison of the new "bendable" smartphone [appearance and features]

Description and comparison of the new "bendable" smartphone [appearance and features]

In 2019, the Flexible Display technology has become very popular among developers of mobile devices. Smartphones with flexible screen have the following advantages:
  • the fineness of the screen;
  • light weight;
  • the screen can grow and shrink in size;
  • the strength of the display.

Important! All the advantages of smartphones with flexible screen due to the almost complete lack of glass. The display is made of bendy plastic. This material is lightweight and resistant to physical influences. The only drawback of plastic is its low durability. Some time later, the screen of the mobile device can wear out.
Now models of flexible smartphones are from companies like Huawei, Samsung and Royole Technology. Active development are Apple, Xiaomi and LG.


The first device with a flexible screen FlexPai was submitted by the China division of the American company Royole Technology. The main feature of this gadget is the big screen.
In the unfolded state its diagonal is equal to 7.8 inch, which is ideal for watching videos and reading text files. In folded state the size of the display is reduced to 4 inches.
Description and comparison of the new
The smartphone runs on the Android platform 9. The device has the following characteristics:
  • 6 GB of RAM;
  • built-in memory - 256 GB;
  • lens resolution main Camry – 20 MP;
  • the screen resolution - 1920х1440 pixels.
Description and comparison of the new
The price of this device is 1300 USD.

Huawei Mate X

The flagship device Huawei Mate X from the Corporation, Huawei was presented at the February exhibition mobile devices in China. Is one of the most powerful mobile devices with curved display. It is equipped with CPU Kirin 980 for high performance.
Description and comparison of the new
Important! A new gadget from Huawei is one of the first devices, the construction of which will be built in 5G modem that installs one of the fastest Internet connections in the world.
Description and comparison of the new
Diagonal screen with a resolution of 2480 x 892 pixels in the unfolded form is 8 inches, folded, with 6.7 inches. The smartphone has a stylish design, it completely lacks the internal frame. The cost of the device is 2300 Euro.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

New Feb 2019 has become the South Korean smartphone with curved display Samsung Galaxy Fold. When open diagonal display with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels is 7.4 inches. In the basic configuration of the smartphone has the following parameters:
  • built-in memory – 512 GB;
  • 12 GB of RAM;
  • camera resolution – 16 MP;
  • the capacity of the battery (2 PCs) – 4380 mAh;
Description and comparison of the new
The developers have paid great effect to the appearance of the smartphone on its slim body almost no framework elements. The device is available in 4 colors: yellow, gray, black, purple. The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold is $ 2,000. Mass sales will be launched in the summer of 2019.

iPhone X Fold

American Corporation Apple first unveiled its curved smartphone, iPhone X Fold in March 2019, the Creators were able to eliminate all of the drawbacks of the predecessors of this flexible device. Unfolded, the screen of the new iPhone has a diagonal of 8.3 inches, which is an absolute record among all the mobile gadgets with Flexible Display technology.
Description and comparison of the new
The future smartphone will be equipped with a triple main camera with a resolution of 16 MP. The main feature of the iPhone X Fold is that it will be only half, turning into a sort of netbook.
Half of the screen will be the keyboard. The start of sales of smartphone is scheduled for late 2019.

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