How to backup iphone

How to backup iphone

If the phone breaks, lost, You set the password, and then forget that information will not be restored, plus have to pay much money for repair or buy a new phone. In the unpleasant situation to be less likely and certainly not to lose your media files, you will need to create a backup.

The choice of backup method

There are two popular methods of backup that can be used individually or for greater security, even together. Both involves using the functions of iTunes and iCloud. Because the methods are different, you can choose the most convenient and appropriate. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Backup using iCloud

To backup data to the cloud You need:
Remember, you cannot disconnect from Wi-Fi at the time of loading data in the warehouse, otherwise it will fail and have to repeat the procedure again. By the way, to see when the latest backup should be in the cloud click the "Backup to iCloud". Under "Create backup" will be written the date and time of creation.

How to backup iphone

In iCloud, you can configure the automatic copying of data that will be made in a certain specified time with a certain periodicity. Only if you are installing automatically running backup data from iPhone, you need to remember that to perform the operation each time will require a lot of memory. If it runs out, the process will not be performed. Don't worry, your smartphone will notify You in the case that the free space will end and will provide an opportunity to buy additional memory expansion in the necessary volume.

How to backup iphone

Backup using iTunes

This method is suitable for those who are willing to spend a little more time to backup, which involves connecting your phone to the computer. In order to perform backups using iTunes, follow these steps:

How to backup iphone

By using backup you can save files from applications such as "Health" and "Activity" with a phone that works on the iOS platform. For this you need to develop a code backup. This is done as follows: put a check mark beside the option "Encrypt backup" and the password fits. In the embodiment, when the data from these programs not needed by the user, there is no sense to create an encrypted copy and you can skip this step by selecting "backup now".


Data backup is a very useful thing in terms of reality as it is helps in any case not to lose the data stored on the smartphone.

How to backup iphone

Sometimes it will help to save the IPhone from such an unpleasant situation like forgotten password by restoring the last saved version that you created with backup.

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