How to check an iPhone serial number

How to check an iPhone serial number

If the IPhone was not purchased in official sales, but a private person, his new owner must observe caution and care. To verify the device – not a fake do – maybe just a minute if you know how to do it.

In the production of IPhones, each device is assigned a unique number, consisting of twenty-two letters and numbers that serves as a sort of business card of each of them. With you want to receive some technical and warranty information that will be useful to the new owner.

How to check an iPhone serial number
The serial number, depending on the model of the device can be located in different places.
There are several ways to detect it:
Buying a camera with it, you need to check whether the same serial number comes with all the means of verification. If at least in one case it does not match, then there is something wrong.
How to check an iPhone serial number
There are several ways to check the IPhone serial number. Here are listed only some of the most convenient of them.
We need to get the official Apple website, enter in the field provided serial number and click "Continue". If this number is actually tied to any phone, it immediately displayed all the information about it. This data is to compare the parameters that the user holds in his hands. Any inconsistency is a reason to be suspicious.
How to check an iPhone serial number
There are some signs that will help to determine forgery or keeps in the hands of the buyer, or the original IPhone, or very similar to the original forgery. In any case, it is important to remember that this IPhone:
If the user already had experience with the iPhone, it would not be difficult to identify a fake on many small details.

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