How to clear cache on IPhone

How to clear cache on IPhone

IPhones are popular among mobile users thanks to its numerous possibilities. The speed of the application, processing of requests made life easier for their holders.

However, over time, the device slows down loading of software and games is lagging, which causes discomfort. The main reason for the deterioration of the device is in a crowded cache clean.

How to clear cache on IPhone

Ways to remove cached files

The longer the device is operated, the more temporary files stored in memory. Gradually the amount of free memory decreases, and the speed of the IPhone slowing down. It is therefore necessary to find methods to clear the cache from accumulated in it of "garbage".

There are several ways of deleting unnecessary files from storage:

How to clear cache on IPhone

Reboot the system

The first thing you can do to clean up store is to restart the system. But it is a temporary measure, allowing to clean the cache is not too deep.

Make it pretty easy. You only need to press simultaneously the power button and "Home", keeping up the appearance of the logo of the company.

Such treatment does not last long, so pretty soon will have to re-clean the memory. This will require a more serious procedure.

The Internet browser Safari

Most storage takes information from Internet browsers. To the most frequently visited pages faster, the data on them automatically loaded into the cache, occupying a lot of space there.

How to clear cache on IPhone

In addition, any newly installed application requires a certain space for storing information about updates. As a result, there is a need of periodic cleansing of the cache for faster application performance.

Developers of the IPhone was a special Safari that helps clearing the cache.

You can do this quickly by following a few simple steps:

  • in the desktop menu iPhone open "Settings";
  • find the icon "Safari" and click on it;
  • scrolling the application window down to reach the item "Clear history and website data" and click it;
  • to agree to the request for confirmation of the action by clicking OK.

After this procedure, all the icons in the menu will change color from blue to gray.

Tip: because after clearing the cache passwords and logins are not saved, it is recommended that this procedure not more often than once per month.

Utility Battery Doctor

Another way to clean the vault is a special program. One of these programs to load which does not require payment, is Battery Doctor.

Activating the utility, simply click on the button Clean Up Cache located at the bottom of the screen in the tab Junk. The application will automatically clean up garbage.

How to clear cache on IPhone

NOTE: the Utility removes all the data in the application, including the results of the games. Wishing to preserve the achievements need to be careful using this method for the corresponding software.

Alternative treatment options store

If the device owner doesn't want to lose important information when you clear the cache, you can use a computer and a special application from iTunes.

The whole procedure takes several stages:

The phone should reboot.

None of the methods of clearing the cache is not particularly difficult. Selecting the most optimal option for themselves, you just need to follow the instructions.

How to clear cache on IPhone

Periodic cleaning of the storage of excess information will enable the operating system of the IPhone to work without problems for a long time.

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