How to connect phone to TV

How to connect phone to TV

There are three ways to connect your smartphone to the TV, but turn it into a smart console can only be two of them. Choose the most convenient method you can read the instructions below.

Why do I need to connect the phone to the TV?

Thanks to connected TV, smartphone, you get access to all our features. In this case, the phone acts performs the function of the projector projecting the picture on the TV screen.
This opens up a number of new features:
  • presentations and demonstrations of something;
  • full use of the Internet.
  • games and other applications.
  • the use of media files (music, movies, photos).
For achieving maximum comfort while operating the TV you can connect such devices as a computer mouse or joystick.
Some TV models allow you to use your smartphone instead of the usual remote. Also this feature is amiss, when an ordinary remote is broken.

The USB connection

To connect your smartphone to the TV will need a USB cable. It is also used for connection of phone to computer or charger unit.
How to connect phone to TV
To connect your smartphone to your TV by plugging one end of the cord into the phone (microUSB) and the other in a special USB connector in the TV.
After the TV display folders smartphone where you can move freely. Something similar to Explorer PC.
Some televisions allow you to scan all folders for media search.


This method is good for its simplicity. To connect the smartphone must be equipped with a micro HDMI connector. If there is none, you can use a special adapter that plugs into the microUSB connector.
How to connect phone to TV
Running the TV, you need to change the source to HDMI. The actions are the same as when changing from TV to AV, PC or USB. The rest depends on the TV model and its interface. You then connect the TV to the mobile device via cable.
How to connect phone to TV
Below a picture with the phone fully displayed on the TV screen, you need to adjust the resolution. Usually, the configuration happens automatically when you connect, but if not, you can manually enter the required data on the smartphone.
Now the picture portrayed on your smartphone, will be broadcast on the TV screen.
Important! To save battery of your smartphone, you can turn off the screen while viewing the images on TV.

Via Wi-Fi

This method is relevant only for the current models of televisions equipped with Wi-Fi modules. And the smartphone that will connect to it must be with the version of Android at least a quarter.
How to connect phone to TV
To connect you need to go into smartphone setup and go to the tab wireless networks, then choose Wi-Fi.
Then from the list of available networks, we need to choose Wi-Fi Direct, or to go to advanced settings in his absence.
How to connect phone to TV
After a search on TV you must go to the "Network" tab. You can find it manually in the TV menu or by pressing the corresponding key on the remote control. After you should select the connection directives and find your smartphone in the list of available networks. The smartphone will receive a notification about connecting to the TV, which will only confirm.
How to connect phone to TV


The way you connect your smartphone using Wi-Fi is not relevant for holders of ordinary televisions and outdated smartphones. The USB connection is not difficult, and is always available, because this cable has almost everyone. But functionality when connected in this way is limited. Can only play the files, but not to transmit images from a smartphone. HDMI connection is the best ratio of functionality and accessibility.

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