How to connect smartphone to TV

How to connect smartphone to TV

The purpose of connections is to transfer image and sound from your smartphone on TV, as well as the management of these processes. As a result, TV can view photos, videos, open various file formats, listen to audio, engage in Internet surfing, run games and applications.

To connect your smartphone to TV in various ways. Some methods allow you to use all the features of a smartphone and a TV, while others are limited to the viewing of media content. The ability to connect one way or another depends on the device hardware the smartphone and the TV.

Main ways to connect your smartphone to the TV are:

  • HDMI connectivity;
  • connect via USB;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

HDMI connectivity

Connecting devices HDMI-cable in the presence of TV corresponding connector. On some smartphones and tablets already have mini HDMI connector specifically for connecting to a TV. In the absence it is possible to acquire and use the adapter with the connector on the smartphone (microUSD, miniUSB, Lightning) to HDMI.

Attention! Before purchasing an adapter it is necessary to determine whether a particular model of mobile device this type of connection.

To connect, you need to select TV menu the input source "HDMI" and connect the mobile device to the TV via the adapter and HDMI cable. This will start the automatic connection setup, and the TV displays the image from the screen smartphone. If not, you can try to change the display settings on the smartphone or try another connection method.

How to connect smartphone to TV

In this connection the television will function as a second screen and all actions on the smartphone will appear on the TV. For comfortable control can be connected to the TV the mouse or the keyboard via Bluetooth.

This connection method provides the highest quality picture and sound, and use all the phone functions on the TV.

How to connect smartphone to TV

Connection via USB

Connection a standard USB cable, which is used to charge the smartphone. This connection is for TV you to find and launch a separate media, that is, the mobile device will be recognized by the TV as a flash drive.

How to connect smartphone to TV

To connect need to connect the device USB cable and select TV menu the input source is "USB". After that, the TV screen will display a directory listing of the smartphone, or simply a list of media files found by the TV.

This is the easiest way to connect, available for all smartphones. But the more limited the possibilities, as only supports viewing media files.

Connect via Wi-Fi

Method is suitable for TVs with built-in Wi-Fi module and mobile devices that support Wi-Fi.

How to connect smartphone to TV

There are a few wireless solutions, operating on a Wi-Fi connection.

The most famous is the Wi-Fi Direct. For the connection need to support this type of connection, smartphone and TV. Direct connection have Android smartphones, the iPhone case need to install additional apps like iMediaShare. The connection is established automatically after selecting the mobile name of the TV in the list of devices connected to Wi-Fi Direct.

Alternatively, Wi-Fi Direct for iPhone and iPade is the AirPlay technology from Apple. For transmitting media content via AirPlay on the TV is used Apple TV. The connection setup is also automated.

We should also mention about the most popular video hosting YouTube. The app has a built-in service transmission of image and sound on TV. All that is needed is the presence on TV of the widget YouTube. For transmission you need to run YouTube videos in a smartphone and click on the cast icon (screen with Wi-Fi) in the top right corner.

How to connect smartphone to TV

Currently becoming popular connection for Miracast. This is a more advanced technology based on Wi-Fi Direct. As Direct, Miracast uses a direct connection, without a router. The main advantage of Miracast is the higher quality of the transmitted content transfer from smartphone to TV and Vice versa, the transmission of 3D video and surround sound. If the TV does not support Miracast, then the problem can be solved you buy an external Miracast dongle connected to TV via HDMI.

Wireless connectivity is undoubtedly more attractive, though, and require appropriate hardware and software support of connected devices.

How to connect smartphone to TV

What to choose?

It all depends on the functionality of the devices that are available. If the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module and Smart, it is advisable to configure a wireless connection, providing the full functionality of the transmission media. If Wi-Fi on the TV or the router signal is unstable at the location of the TV, it is better to try a wired connection via HDMI worked out a comfortable management of mobile and transferable content.

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