How to extend the battery life

How to extend the battery life

The discharge rate of the battery depends on the energy consumption of its modules. CPU, screen, sensors, proximity, light, gyroscope, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and radio module, active consumers of electricity.

The operating system plays a significant role in the autonomy of the device

Depending on the execution of current tasks "OS" specifies the frequency of the processor, the need to transfer data, the brightness level of the screen and its orientation. From the correctness of issued commands to the device depends on the battery consumption. For example, why make work all CPU cores if it is sufficient to use only one. The evolution of the Android operating system - allows you to clearly see how optimizing the system affects the duration of the operation.
How to extend the battery life
System Android is a wrapper that without third party apps it is not interesting. The variety of applications makes smartphones based on Android multifunction device, and the number of installed applications can amount to tens.
The principle of operation is different from Android Winndows. To speed applications, Android will always run them and keep in mind, there will not be as computer – worked the program closed it. Android does not close, it sends them into a background dream.
How to extend the battery life How to extend the battery life
Many people think if you close the phone app like in Windows, the power consumption is reduced. For this purpose, even developed more than a dozen programs, usually with advertising.
Example: you found that the free RAM of the device is not enough. To increase begin to close unnecessary apps, with the aim to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. But you don't know that, because of features of Android, all the closed apps are running again.
After a while you find that app again, downloaded and decide to eliminate this problem a method of mounting applications, which close unnecessary programs automatically. This decision will be the main cause of increased energy expenditure. Life-saving app for closing programs will start up the force close and the system, later a while, then restarts. And so on to infinity. Wait for the result is meaningless, since the launch of the app, and closing it is the work of the CPU, network communication, and, consequently, increased battery consumption.
How to extend the battery life
Increased consumption of the battery is determined by a simple method without requiring installation of additional applications. Need to do the following: before going to sleep to remember the percentage of battery charge. The smartphone does not put on the charging, disable wifi and enable mobile data. Ideally, in the morning, the charge percentage is 1-2% lower. Otherwise, you need to look for the source of battery consumption.

Search methods causes increased energy expenditure

How to extend the battery life
If after resetting the power consumption is not decreased, the reason is the firmware of your device or the battery requires replacement. Battery capacity can only be determined by measuring its capacity. To measure capacity you need with the help of the usb tester. The principle of the application, defining the battery capacity is known only to its author, and it is possible that this figure is taken from the nameplate data of the device. To determine the capacity to multiply current charging voltage and the charging time, which makes a usb tester.
How to extend the battery life
Based on these tests we can conclude about the need to reduce the battery consumption in your device.

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