How to find iPhone

How to find iPhone

Due to the high cost and excellent quality products, Apple is the number one goal for many attackers. The company understands this, and develop a protective system in full. The functions of the aforementioned system will not only protect your smartphone from hacking, but to find it in case of loss.

Modern smartphones and tablets from Apple come with a fingerprint sensor. This feature allows you not only to protect the phone from interference by unauthorized persons, but also to quickly access it to its owner.
In 2010, Apple gave the "Find my IPhone" to track his whereabouts. About it and will be discussed below.

Setting up tracking

The first thing you need to go to settings and go to item ICloud, where you choose the above function.
Then you must activate it.
Attention! In addition to tracking, there is another wonderful feature called "Last location". Its meaning is to send data location each time you connect to the charger.
After you need to confirm whether location services. To do this, go to privacy and select the item. If enabled, you must go to system services and enable the "Find IPhone".
Now tracking is activated, the user will be able to track the phone through ICloud.
Important! The owners of several Apple devices, you must configure this feature for each device separately.

How to find IPhone from computer

To find an Apple device, you can use any other Virgo who has access to the Internet.
If the owner of a lost phone is yet another device by Apple, it has the ability to upload to the app "Find IPhone", which can be found in the AppStore. If this is no possible, then keep track of the IPhone will have ICloud.
How to find iPhone
Find my phone must be complied with the following requirements:
To start search you can go to the website
How to find iPhone
You must enter your ID and password in the appropriate fields. Then you need to find the app "Find my IPhone" and open it.
Open maps allow you to see the location of all devices that were attached to the current account Icloud, and which were included tracking.
Clicking on "All devices", you will see a sliding menu that offers a list of devices. From the list, select the desired device.
A window will open with information about the smartphone and will offer the following features:
Attention! Even if the device is currently off or not connected to the Internet, the above operation should be done. The first next time you turn on the device and connect it to the Internet they will immediately take effect.

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