How to reset iPhone to factory settings

How to reset iPhone to factory settings

Most modern phones (and especially products of iPhone) have the ability to connect to the network and sync with virtual application markets, which allow in most cases for free and sometimes for money to install software on the phone. But not every user of such a gadget, especially a beginner, can correctly control the installation of third-party software. As a result of improper use, the internal memory of the iPhone is quickly filled, and also change the settings manually this will not do. To deal with the disaster will help reset the device to factory settings.

How to make a backup on the iPhone

Backup abbreviated as a backup. Reset to default settings will destroy all the files and the user data stored on the device. If the phone saved something important, and it is impossible to lose, a backup is needed.
How to reset iPhone to factory settings
Stepping back up on the iPhone one of the most convenient ways:
Third-party programs allow you to move data to external media that will be more reliable, but the standard ways to help.

Preliminary measures

Before you proceed directly to the reset data on the iPhone, you need to perform a couple of actions:

Reset to factory settings

To return "to the roots" on the iPhone do not need to connect it to the computer – all can be done independently.
How to reset iPhone to factory settings
The steps to do this:
  • reset. Selecting this option will allow you to erase only personal user settings, storing files. That is, the internal memory will not be affected, but all settings for the phone and each application will be erased. The removal process takes less than a minute. It will help to optimize the device in a periodic lockups;
  • erase content along with settings. This option destroys all data that has ever been installed on the iPhone. The output will be a clean phone that can be sold, as it will be cleared authorization Apple ID. The process takes longer than the previous one, depending on how full the space of the internal storage device;
  • reset the network settings. Destroy only the user settings of Internet passwords from Wi-fi, connected devices, etc. No other information will not be affected.
How to reset iPhone to factory settings
After the system will notify the user on successful cleaning, the iPhone will again become available for use, but will not be clogged with unnecessary content.

How to reset iPhone to factory settings and safe to delete iCloud

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