How to restart your iPhone [all models]

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

Hang-UPS, errors, failures – familiar and unpleasant moments for smartphone users. Correct operation of the IPhone is often a better system yourself, you need to give the phone time and not use it for a few minutes, the device will reboot itself and restore the work. If not, solve all of the problems it helps to restart the gadget. For quick and correct restart only needs to know the model of your IPhone as the means of restoring the operation of the device may be different.

Standard rebooting

IPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus and earlier models

The device off via long pressing the Power button. On the phone screen you should see a slider with the icon off. Moving the icon with your finger horizontally, the phone off. Further integration of the device is performed by holding the same button until the screen displays the distinctive logo of the company Apple.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

IPhone X to XS and later models

To call screen with the slider to switch the phone off on the newer models, it is possible by simultaneously pressing the lock screen button and one of the volume buttons. Enabling the device to be a long one-button locking.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

Important! If instead the appearance of the slider to turn off IPhone creates a screenshot of the screen, then the keyboard combination is sandwiched is not long enough.

These methods of restarting topical for violation of any applications, incorrect signals, and in other cases, when the sensor remains operational. If the screen does not respond to the touch of the user, the phone should turn off and turn on by force.

Force restart

SE IPhone 6S, 6, 5S and earlier models

Simultaneous long press on face Home button, side key Power restarts the phone. On the screen you should see the Apple icon, and your device will restore.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

IPhone 7, 7Plus

In connection with the change in technology, the Home button on these devices is a touch, not a mechanical one. Therefore, if the phone completely freezes, the touch buttons cease to respond to touch.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

Models 7 and 7 Plus reboot using simultaneous long pressing the screen lock and volume down. Then the screen should also appear recognizable logo.

IPhone 8, 8 More

In later models the manufacturer has decided to change the way you reboot the phone, although the technical components of the models were not changed compared to the previous generation, as it was in the seventh IPhone. Forcibly to turn the phone off is possible in three stages.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

IPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs max

In recent years Apple has set the trend away from any buttons on the front panel of the smartphones, so the Home button, because of its absence, is also not used in restart the phone. To restore the device in three stages, as in the IPhone 8, but if you follow these steps, the phone switches off and restarts.

How to restart your iPhone [all models]

So fourth item in the previous list will enable IPhone by long-pressing the button lock to the characteristic logo on the screen.

If the phone software is upgraded to iOS 11 and above, turn off the phone using the settings menu. In "Main", you must scroll through to the end and select the last line is "Off".

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