How to Russify phone from China

How to Russify phone from China

Almost all smartphones imported from abroad, have built-in firmware Russian language. Even Chinese manufacturers of smartphones are trying to localize the system's interface and programs not only in Russian but in other languages.

But in practice, not always all smartphones ordered from China are in the system of Russian language. As a rule, are by default in English, as it is considered to be the most common. Unfortunately, not all people can boast knowledge of the language, and to use the smartphone in their native language much easier and more enjoyable.

How to Russify phone from China

Check the Russian language in the system

First we need to understand whether it is installed in the system of Russian language. To do this, go to menu settings English "Settings", go to "System" menu, click "Language and keyboard" and see whether the list of available languages is necessary for us in Russian. If Russian language is found, put on it a tick and put it in first position in the list of languages.

How to Russify phone from China

This method is the easiest as it does not require special knowledge and does not consume the user a lot of time. Usually at this stage the problem is solved.

If the product failed, you will have to install it using additional software.

Russification of the keyboard

There are cases where the user does not confuse the English language and it is enough to have only Russian keyboard layout for easy and clear communication. In this case, the solution may be installing a new keyboard from the Google Play Market. Such support many languages which are easy to configure and install the desired language.

Interesting! Different keyboard downloaded from Play Market, have your own unique design. In some of them it is possible to set the clearance. So do not be afraid to experiment with different keyboards, because it is the most common application that you can remove to re-adjust.

How to Russify phone from China

After installing the application, you must enter the menu "Language and keyboard" and note the newly installed keyboard to make it active.

Russification of the system via smartphone

If the user needs to Russify the entire system, it is necessary to use additional software.

To do this, you must use MoreLocal 2 app, which can be downloaded from the same Play Market. Install the application and open it.

How to Russify phone from China

Select the item "Local Custom", then in the first field "Language" choose "English" and in box "Country" select "Russian Federation". To confirm settings click "Set"button.

After these manipulations, the interface language will change to Russian language. All the settings have been correctly applied, the developers of the app also recommends restarting the device.

Russification of the system using computer

For this method you will need the program MoreLocal installed on your phone and Run the ADB program you want to download to your computer.

How to Russify phone from China

The sequence of actions for this method of containment systems the following:

This method requires a little more time, but it works in most cases, when the first two methods do not work.

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