How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

Function of distribution of Wi-Fi has many modern smartphones. This allows you to provide Internet connection to multiple devices without using router additional modems. But many users are experiencing difficulties with the distribution of Wi-Fi with a mobile device.

Distribution Wi-Fi from your phone on the Android operating system

To distribute the Internet from the Android device, you must run the following algorithm:
How to share Wi-Fi from your phone
Tip! On Android devices for security purposes includes an option for setting a password for the access point. It is better to install the digital protection modem that no unauthorized devices can connect to the Wi-Fi user only after entering the access code.

Distribution Wi-Fi from your smartphone iOS

To activate tethering on iPhone, you must perform the same algorithm as on the Android device. Before enabling the Wi-Fi points it is important to configure the mobile Internet by clicking on the appropriate button on the panel with quick access keys. To protect traffic, you can also create a password consisting of letters and numbers.
How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

Distribution Wi-Fi from your phone to the Windows Phone platform

To share Wi-Fi from a mobile device on an operating system from Microsoft, you need to go to settings and take action in the following order:
Important! If all the above are done properly, the box appears to configure the access code to Wi-Fi.
How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

Additional methods of distribution of Internet

There are alternative ways to deliver Wi-Fi using application adapters, and wireless personal area networks.

Via the USB port

For this method of distribution to the Internet will need a USB cable. With it, connect the phone and the other device (PC or laptop) that will be distributed to Wi-Fi. On the smartphone it is necessary to find in the settings menu under “Additional features” and activate USB tethering. To get a computer connected to the modem, you need in control panel, find the tab “Network connections” and click on the “local area Connection”. If the device does not recognize the smartphone, the person needs to update the driver.
How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

Via Bluetooth

For this method you need to on the smartphone and the PC has a Bluetooth adapter is present. On the phone turn on mobile Internet and Bluetooth tethering. On the computer activates the Bluetooth. The device will scan for available points. When it detects the phone, the user must click the button “Pair”.

The use of unauthorized applications

On some smartphones there is no configuration of the modem. In this case, for distribution to the Wi-Fi you can apply for more programs. The best application to activate the access point are:
  • mHotspot;
  • Osmino;
  • MyPublicWiFi.
How to share Wi-Fi from your phone


For the smooth distribution of Internet you should disable the antivirus program blocking the connection. On hand Wi-Fi is affected by malicious viruses. The user must delete files containing malware. To avoid potential problems, you need to frequently update the software of the smartphone.

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