How to take a screenshot on the phone

How to take a screenshot on the phone

Often you may need a screenshot of the screen. You can see something funny and want to document it. Or you want to save valuable information. You need to know how to work with your own phone. Now look at how to take a picture of the screen on a modern smartphone.

What is a screenshot?

In fact, the screen is a picture of the screen. The user, using a particular combination, saves what is on the smartphone.
There are several ways to save such images. Let us examine each in detail.

The classic ways

To take a screenshot on a computer or laptop, just press one key. With the phone, the same situation, only have to use a combination of buttons on the smartphone.
Many phones use a combination of buttons on/off of the phone and decrease the playback volume.
Important: you must hold them at the same time, otherwise nothing will happen. To keep the keys should be about 2 seconds.

How to take a screenshot on the phone

Each screen is stored in a separate folder, which is not difficult to find in the device's gallery.

How to take a screenshot on the phone

However, some companies decide to "stand out from the crowd". Therefore, using other ways to create images on the screen.


On older phones of this brand (from IOS to Android 3.0) had to hold down two keys located in the bottom panel ("Back" and "Exit to main"). Since the combination is not the most convenient, that all changed in later models, and was used the classical method.
In addition, the screenshot can be done by flicking from the right corner to the left. This feature must be enabled in the settings, and it is in the section "Control hand."
How to take a screenshot on the phone

On some models of gadgets we use another combination for screenshots – "shutting down" + "Home".


On devices the company provides two ways. You can use any of them:


The brand enjoys great popularity in modern market. To make a screenshot you can use the top panel. Enough to move it down and choose the button "Screenshot".


These phones, the ability to take screenshots is the quick conclusion. However, here you need to click on the button "QMemo+". You can use it to edit every picture of the screen. The user chooses a region, can also add various elements (color, text, picture).

How to take a screenshot on the phone

Special programs

To regularly press the buttons, it is possible to install a specific application. Just go to "Google Play" and select the following program.

How to take a screenshot on the phone

It is sufficient to enter its name in the search box and choose "Install".

Screen capture

The application adds the following features:

Ok Screenshot

The program has the same tools. It has a nice design, more features.

A screenshot on the Iphone

Apple makes the device unique. To take screenshots on this device easily.
The easiest way is to pinch the side and center keys. This combination provides all models of the phone.

How to take a screenshot on the phone

Also, you can enable "Assistive Touch". You can find it in the settings. Works in the following way:

How to take a screenshot on the phone


Almost all gadgets screens are made the same. This is quite a useful feature, which is actively used. Everyone will find a method that is perfect.

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