How to turn off the IPhone 10

How to turn off the IPhone 10

Apple is not standing still, and produces new and new better versions of their previous phones. And when the new models X, XS, XR, many users rushed to change their phones to new ones. When the sale has just appeared new smartphone 10 generations of Apple, many questions arise: "How to turn it off?". This will tell You the following information.

The Inclusion Of The IPhone 10

Innovations introduced with the new IPhone, left no one indifferent. The main difference of the new versions is the lack of the Home button, which was incredibly convenient that distinguished Apple from any other.

How to turn off the IPhone 10

To turn the phone on as before, simply hold down the button located on the right side of the phone body in few seconds. Release the button after the appearance of the company logo – bitten Apple black. When you first turn on You will need to pass a little, shall we say, exercise or test that will tell you about all the functions of the phone.

Turn Off The IPhone 10

There are two methods painless off smartphone.

First, the new method is: You can turn off ablation using "device Settings". We added the option "Off". To use it you must:

How to turn off the IPhone 10

Second, the most familiar to all smartphone users, the method involves the device on or off with just buttons. Steps off the following:

How to turn off the IPhone 10

The following method, being forced to turn off the phone is not secure, and should be applied only in cases, when disabling the IPhone 10 using the two described above methods is not possible. This can happen if the phone is hung up. In this case, You should:

There is another, almost secret method of turning off the smartphone, which for once in my life heard not many. Off iPhone X:

How to turn off the IPhone 10

This method can help in situations when the phone freezes, does not respond to other pressing or in any other. Five times, pressing the lock button enables the mode of "SOS", You can use the newly discovered functions.

How to turn off the IPhone 10?

The last two methods are rather effective method in case of an emergency, the best option are the first two methods turn off the phone using a long press on the lock button or through a joint holding volume buttons together with the key lock.

How to turn off the IPhone 10


So, after the updates of the phone's design, overall, a ways off Apple smartphone has not changed much, so You will be able to turn off the device using the standard functions. Do not get carried away by extra off, as this may cause damage to the phone.

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