How to turn off safe mode on Android

How to turn off safe mode on Android

Those owners of devices with the Android operating system who has ever faced such concept as "Safe mode", certainly knows what this thing is, usually, not pleasant. The inclusion of this mode is due to glitches in the operating system. Do not be afraid, there are several effective ways how to get the phone out.

Reboot the phone

The easiest and most effective way which usually helps smoothly – restarting your phone. It will help to restart any running programs from the phone memory, thus eliminating the reason was the same as before.
How to turn off safe mode on Android

Press simultaneously 2 keys

If a simple restart of the phone did not help, then the next stage is the application of simultaneous pressing on/off key and decrease sound volume.
How to turn off safe mode on Android
Important: if the device volume down key is not working, broken or is malfunctioning, do not try this method. As this can lead to cyclic restart of the communication tools in safe mode.
Unfortunately, this bug fix will not succeed, and the need to turn to professionals for repairing phone.

Get the battery

The greatest rest for your provides without a battery in the housing. Thus, there must occur a full reset of the device. Remove the battery for 1-2 minutes, then plug it back in.
Important: this procedure will only fit devices with a removable battery. If Your mobile has the most modern models, it is likely to open the back cover will not be possible.

To see the notification bar

This method is suitable only for those versions of the operating system of smartphones on the Android platform, which when you enable secure mode POPs up a notification. If You are lucky and Your phone is exactly like this, just click on the notification. It is thus safe mode is disabled.

To reset the device completely

The most radical method, which is for obvious reasons, to apply only in cases of extreme necessity and futility of all the above methods – full reset of the device. This method completely erases all data from the phone except those that are provided by the plant developer.
It is important to keep all the data on the device, so start with copying all the data on the cloud storage or backup while in safe mode.
How to turn off safe mode on Android
How to do it? First, You can dump data from the gadget to your computer using USB. So provided the most rapid and effective connection of the phone with the folder to which You will add whatever is necessary to preserve the data. Second, you can create any available or to use existing cloud storage, dumping information directly from your phone by using Internet connection. Do not worry about purchased or installed applications. After you reset your smartphone is lost, only the information located in his memory. Access to applications, you can always get by logging in to your account Play Market.


Above are all the possible working methods to display Android phone from safe mode. Most importantly, remember that the methods associated with a full reset should be applied only in exceptional cases. If You are not sure that you will be able to correct the situation, contact your service center.

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