How to unlock iPhone

How to unlock iPhone

The smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life. It stores photos, videos, passwords and important documents. It is therefore unsurprising that the majority of strive to protect your personal data from outsiders. Fingerprints, face scanner or just a picture password, a lot of options. However, such caution may turn against the user. No one is immune from the banal forgetfulness and lose the accumulated years of information or to waste time and money on service center is not desirable. In this situation the main thing is not to panic but to try to solve the problem using the tips from this article.

This article presents ways to "bypass" or remove the password from the phones of Apple.
  • connect your locked phone to the computer and wait for the iPhone display on the display;
  • to run iTunes;
  • to wait for data synchronization;
  • select "restore copy" in the program;
How to unlock iPhone
  • to choose the most "fresh" backup.
The method is not suitable for those who do not sinhroniziruete phone with iTunes.
Method works only with enabled Find my iPhone
  • to log in to iCloud via a PC or any other device;
  • select a phone in the "All device" Click "Delete". The password will be erased;
How to unlock iPhone
  • to restore all the essential via iTunes or iCloud.
Attention! If the device has no connection to the Internet method won't work.
The method is suitable for those who remembers about the password and hoped to remember it.
  • to connect your iPhone to the computer. On the iPhone needs to have access to the Internet;
  • in iTunes, choose "all devices", then "synchronize";
  • after the start of the synchronization counter will be reset and you can try then to remember the password.
The counter returns to zero after a normal restart of the phone.
  • to connect a blocked device to a PC running the iTunes application;
  • press and hold the button "Sleep" and "volume" (the older models "Sleep" button and "home");
  • choose to restore the device;
  • after the password is deleted.
The main thing is not to let go of the button, in paragraph 2, even if the device will be rebooted
The method works almost always, but he will have little trouble.
How to unlock iPhone
Carefully select a resource when you select firmware. If inside the virus program, the iPhone will turn into a "brick". Firmware iPhone go only with the extension .IPSW. No .exe.
  • download the desired firmware under the IPhone;
  • to connect a device with a forgotten password to a computer with iTunes already running;
How to unlock iPhone
  • select from the list the desired device;
  • hold down the "CTRL" button, click on "restore iPhone" and open the file with the firmware;
  • to wait for completion of process;
  • the result will be the IPhone both from the factory.
For all the above how to reset password need to access iTunes. There is stored all information: photos, to settings applications. But what to do if it was lost the password of the account Apple?
  • go to the login page to the profile, and click "forgot Apple ID or password";
  • enter the ID of the account and continue;
  • select the way to update a forgotten password;
  • to enter a password when logging on to other devices.
How to unlock iPhone
Ways to unlock IPhone a lot. Each has its conditions for its implementation. It is always safer to add a scan of the fingerprint, and if the model is the latest, the scan of the face.
How to unlock iPhone
But the simplest and most effective is record the password on paper or other place at any time to turn.

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