How to update Android on phone

How to update Android on phone

Google is working to develop and support the Android operating system, is constantly releasing various updates for your system. It can be as simple as security patches shell, or major, behind which lurks a lot of innovations. It is therefore important to regularly check your Android device for their presence – at least to ensure the security of user data.

How to update Android on phone

The stores on smartphones installed base, that is the Android version installed at time of manufacture. In stores software smartphones update, so after purchase, it is important to check for system updates.

And here a question arises: "How to update Android?". You can upgrade in many ways, but these are the most common.

Update via the settings menu of the phone

Perhaps the easiest and the fastest way. It does not require from user any special knowledge and it should not cause many problems. In order to check for updates with this method, you should go to system settings, then in the bottom menu, click "System", go to "system Update". A window will open where you should choose "Check for updates". In a few minutes the system will notify if there are available innovations for a smartphone or they are not currently available.

Tip! Carry out all these actions through the wireless network, as downloading over mobile networks can use a lot of bandwidth and loading speed will be considerably less than via a Wi-Fi connection.

How to update Android on phone

It should be noted that when you enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone, Android automatically checks for updates. If an update is available a notification will appear on the screen of the phone.

Update via program smartphone manufacturers

Here we use PC software like PC Suite for smartphones LG and for Samsung Kios. This software has a great functionality. With its help it is possible not only to check for system updates, but also to manage contacts, files and other data held on the device.

The principle of the updates for both programs are the same. To check for updates, you first need to download the program to your computer. Connect the smartphone using USB cable and wait until the phone is recognized by the computer.

How to update Android on phone

Next you need to go into the program and selecting check for updates for your phone. If it was loaded by the manufacturer on the server, will it download and install to your device.

How to update Android on phone

When the update is successfully complete, the program will notify the user. Then disconnect the smartphone from the computer and restart it.

Installing Android manually

It uses custom (official) or unofficial (custom) firmware that you can find and download on the forums.

The user can choose a range of different firmware versions for the smartphone. This can be the official version and custom build sheath that can be set when the normal version of Android already tired.

To install these firmware requires the use of special programs like TWPR or Odin – the choice depends on phone model and firmware version.

How to update Android on phone

This update method requires the user, first and foremost, attention, as an incorrect implementation of the installation steps the system may be incorrect, and in the worst case, the smartphone can turn into a "brick".

How to update Android on phone

Tip! If you are not confident in their abilities to reset the Android system with this method, you should contact the authorized service center.


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