Smartphone bracelet from Samsung that is known about the new product

Smartphone bracelet from Samsung that is known about the new product

The company Samsung has filed a patent for the next development, which plans to put into mass production. At this time, the world intellectual property organization established by Korean company the right to smartphone bracelet.

Smartphone bracelet from Samsung that is known about the new product

The idea of the new concept is the crossing of a smart wristband and smartphone in one device. According to the manufacturer the device can take the form of a ring, to wear it on your wrist.

Smartphone bracelet from Samsung that is known about the new product
If necessary, the user can turn the bracelet into your phone, just straighten it and securing that position with a special lock. The device is quite narrow, so you can use them with one hand. To ensure the security measures smartphone is secured by a thumbprint scanner that will compare the fingerprint data. The back side of the unit is equipped with two PV modules, which will allow to make high-quality clear pictures.
The side surface of the device features physical control buttons that are convenient to use as in a bent and designator provisions. Standard in the upper corner of the screen contains numerous sensors and front camera.


About terms of emergence of novelties on the mobile markets and detailed specifications are not yet known. However, the expected presentation of a new product to be held in the near future. It is known that such a concept was interested in Lenovo, actively developing the idea of a smartphone-bracelet.
It is expected that in the extended state, the device screen will be very elongated. It is assumed that the resolution of the screen will be 21:9. And folded a smartphone you can wear on your wrist and use as a smart watch.
Experts and analysts believe that the market of mobile gadgets on the rise, and that we are going to witness a variety of technical innovations. In this case, the crossing of the monolithic smartphone and smart watches, is considered to be another milestone in the development of mobile devices.
Smartphone bracelet from Samsung that is known about the new product
Now manufacturers of smart watches are increasing the functionality of their products, experimenting with forms and tasks, inline functions, even the strap of these watches. However, you will agree that if this watch was shot with his hands and was a full-fledged smartphones, it would be more interesting?
When folded, the gadget is mounted on the arm and retained in such condition due to the powerful magnets, not giving the device to fall from his hands. The smartphone is made of many threads, it can be compared to a caterpillar. Thanks to this smartphone is quite flexible.
Such a concept foldable mobile devices became popular this year. Manufacturers of mobile equipment, which from year to year to surprise users with more functionality this year moved to change the shape of smartphones. So, Huawei and Samsung have already released the device, digging Motorola also soon going to present its new creation. However, some believe that devices with similar concept useless.
Most recently, CEO of BlackBerry has criticized this technology, stating that it isn't useful. He also added that such devices have a number of significant drawbacks:
In addition, it is not recommended that such devices simple user, since the manufacturing technology is not yet fully developed.

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