The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019

The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019

From year to year, the exhibition Mobile World Congress never ceases to amaze the audience with innovative technologies. Among them, the advanced models of smartphones, and a very strange gadgets, which are very difficult to understand. About them in this article.

The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019

A hat and t-shirt from the company Royole

The basic idea of these garments that display in 8-inch extension 2K can transfer the different images using the application from the makers, and the software will output their images on clothing.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019
The exhibition itself was presented a few prototype devices with flexible displays, but to experience them tactilely nobody could.
Cylinder and a t-shirt from Royole you can buy now, the price is 1300$ for the kit.

Lexon Oblio: a mug, from which it is impossible to drink coffee, but in which it is possible to charge the smartphone

Company Lexon presented an unusual device for wireless charging of the smartphone.
Oblio – miniature mug, which is installing charging at 10 watts. While in the circle of the smartphone is charging, and its surface disinfected with ultraviolet light.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019
The manufacturer claims that for half an hour the device is in the circle of 99.9% of bacteria disappear.

Ballpoint pen from the company Lainova

The company brought to the exhibition non-standard ballpoint pen. It is equipped with two rods, and respectively writing the two ends. At one end a pair of rollers which serve to draw straight lines. The cost of such office subject to 3€.

Musical group, consisting of robots

The developer from China has brought to MWC a few robots who know how to play various musical instruments and have the 5G technology. "Orchestra" played the piano and drums, however, gathering around him a crowd of spectators. At the end of the performance they surprised the audience by pre-turned and then bowed.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019

The phone or battery?

Energizer P18K Pop smartphone with the largest battery in the world. Or battery with the function of a smartphone? Hard to say for sure, because if you compare the dimensions, the phone is clearly inferior. This device has a battery 18000 mAh, which is enough for 50 days in standby mode. The gadget is estimated at about 47 000.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019

Flexible smartphone or a normal smart watch?

Company Nubia presented a very strange smartphone called Nubia Alpha, although at first glance, it resembles a smart watch. Flexible smartphone has a waterproof housing and the ability of the fitness tracker. The gadget also features a 5-megapixel selfie camera to take snapshots or make video calls.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019
At this stage of development the price is from 450€ and above, although the unit still should work and work.

Crosscall Trekker-X4: the gadget for the lovers of extreme

The device is intended for lovers of extreme sports. It's something like a mixture of action Cam and smartphone.
The gadget has a number of features that separate it from conventional devices. You should start with the system of two chambers: one for photos, one for video (up to 4K at 120 frames per second). In addition, Hypertab from Crosscall gives additional stabilization that can handle the vibration on even the most uneven road.
The most unusual gadgets of MWC 2019
In order to avoid the ingress of water, grit sand, dust and dirt from Tracker-X4 is missing all the standard ports. Data transfer and recharge battery can be realized only through semienawi magnetic contact on the back side of the device.

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