The TOP 5 push-button telephones "last century"

The TOP 5 push-button telephones "last century"

In modern society, cell phones are not something special but rather ordinary. Mankind have long been accustomed to all the benefits of advanced generation. But just three decades ago a "portable" phone was an unattainable dream for the common man.

Motorola StarTAC (1996)

The first to market flip-phone, was released on 3 January 1996. This "clamshell" was on display. And the display and keyboard located in the bottom of the phone. Weighed no more than 90 degrees and was quite compact.
According to the magazine "PC World" in 2005, the phone StarTAC was rated the 6th place among the greatest gadgets of the past 50 years. He was in great demand and popularity.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
For the entire period of existence of this brand were sold 60 million units. Even though the initial cost of $ 1,000.

Nokia 9000 Communicator (1996)

Nokia 9000 folded looked like a normal phone, and in the open state was more like a miniature laptop. It was the first device that combines a keyboard of a PDA and mobile phone properties.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
The dimensions of the device were 173*65*38 (mm), and weighs a little less than 400 g. The Communicator had a memory capacity of 8 MB, while user data was only 2 MB. Optional memory card to insert it.
In 1998 in sales appeared smartphones Nokia second generation. Its characteristics have been improved, and most importantly – there is a connector for a memory card. The creators eased the camera up to 253 grams and reduced it to the dimensions 158*56*27 (mm).
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
Such unusual at the time, the phone wanted by many. But it was worth decent money, moreover, was quite large. Therefore, it is very popular it is not used, but served as a beginning for a new era of mobile phones.

Ericsson T28s (1999)

As soon as Ericsson T28s appeared on the market, users immediately wanted to buy it – he was the thin (15 mm) and weighed only 89 along with other large and heavy phones, this was different.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
The Swedish company has produced the brand to the business. But just a year after the official release of this phone has dropped in price twice. Users found a lot of drawbacks: poor antenna, controversial design, small and uncomfortable display, small functionality, flimsy flip, "glitches" firmware.

Siemens S25 (1999).

Siemens S25 had a color screen – that was the indicator of the present apparatus. Black-and-white screens of ordinary phones have replaced green, red and blue color palette screen phone Siemens.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
Interesting fact! The predecessor of "S25" – "S10" also had a colour screen, but did not become popular.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
As soon as the phone appeared on the shelves of stores, many want to have such a device. But its cost was out of reach. After a year and a half of low sales the producers decided to reduce the price and make the phone more accessible to ordinary people. Then users started buying it in large numbers and the phone became one of the most common.

Nokia 7110 (1999)

Released in 1999, the Nokia 7110 was so fashionable that caused a storm of emotions in users. The device was the first phone with Internet support. Users at the end of the twentieth century could be wool on the world wide web.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
Interesting fact! The phone supports many advanced features and even technology infrared.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
Users remember, this device thanks to the control wheel in the middle of the apparatus. It not only rotated, but also pressed.
Notable was the "active slider", whose movement up or down (opening and closing) answered incoming call and completed it.
The TOP 5 push-button telephones
All the above phones have become a rarity. Each model has made its own unique contribution to the evolution of mobile devices.

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