The war "a dozen": 10 Honor or Iphone 10 [overview of benefits]

The war "a dozen": 10 Honor or Iphone 10 [overview of benefits]

The constant rivalry of Apple technology with offerings from other manufacturers every year brings new nuances in connection with the development of phones from competitors. Often in an argument are just numbers taken from the official specifications, but in reality it will give the much-hyped device, if to compare them "head-on"? Today we will address the Honor 10 phones and iPhone X. Each of them has a certain time is on the market, which allowed to form an opinion without the influence of advertising.

Features of Apple iPhone

For the average user there are several strengths:
  • the large number of built-in memory (256 GB);
  • the design combination of glass and metal;
  • reliable protection of the hull against shock;
  • high-quality camera that can shoot in 4K.

For when you need a NanoSIM, but inside you can put only one SIM card, which is not very convenient for multiple subscribers with friends, go to the link operators. If you need a device that is able not only to call but also qualitatively to capture video, the iPhone X – just for you.

But do not forget about the disadvantages:
  • for a music fan to throw the track between the computer and this phone is a nightmare, since it requires authorization device via iTunes (if that even Windows users with the specified player no problems) that eliminates all the benefit with no DRM in media files and large memory;
  • the same "hood" that makes watching the video uncomfortable, and the device itself is absurd on the front panel;
  • quick flaking paint on the metal part of the case – it is advisable to purchase a cover;
  • the location of the main camera is it protrudes out of the housing, which increases the risk of scratching the lens and just hook the device, breaking it.

Fact: due to leakage of concept iPhone X, the producers decided to release it early just to be first in its category and not to lose the initial sales.

Features Honor 10

The main advantages H10 X before the iPhone was these figures:
  • the ability to install applications at will from any vendor, including and not last control from Google;
  • more resolution front-facing camera is 24 MP compared with seven for "Apple";
  • CPU is also more powerful;
  • the cost is lower – the difference is approximately three times;
  • the presence of two slots for SIM cards.

The main camera is not protruding from the device, which reduces the risk of damaging the phone due to careless movement. For charging and data transfer USB Type C. the video can also be 4K, but at 30 FPS. With this, you have the ability to take pictures in RAW format, i.e. without compression.

The disadvantages of the model are:
  • the lack of protection from moisture and dust;
  • greater consumption in connection with the performance;
  • the lack of wireless charging.
Fact: unfortunately, the "fashion" on the performance of the panel is picked up and the Chinese, making a "peak", but it is noticeably less.


At a lower cost and the presence of very minor flaws phone Honor is clearly more attractive and more productive than its us competitor, which has a strange and unpleasant feature – increased battery drain during a call. In addition, when installing in our region all the Google services you can achieve greater comfort when operating the device.

The optimal choice of phone is to make more visible functions. iPhone is more suitable for those who want to show their status, but the real performance is discarded by the wayside.

iPhone X vs Honor 10. Great comparison flagships. FOTOBALL - IPhone 10 vs 10 honor (1 video)

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