TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]

TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]

To have a mobile phone today is a common thing for every person. But not everyone can afford to buy expensive brands. Want to have a cheap phone? Market cheap models a bike, so you will be able to choose a gadget suitable for your needs. Catch the top 3 best cheap mobile phones - Siemens AF51, Fly Ezzy Trendy 2, Samsung C130. Each of them is uncompromising and universal.

Siemens AF51 - its superiority

Siemens AF51 is one of the cheap and exquisite gadgets. The Cabinet consists of mirror, glossy plastic and inserts made of metal that runs around the entire front surface. Phone users pay attention to a lightweight plastic housing, which can be conveniently fixed in the hands. The keyboard has a view, familiar to use, the smooth plastic - large numbers. Successfully developed the design of this device looks more expensive than its real value.
The model is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion 620 mAh and talktime the battery holds 5 hours. The gadget can boast of a good memory and can store up to 100 SMS messages. Allows you to send messages to several recipients at the same time.
TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]
Having a low cost, telephone based only on basic functionality and has great features. For example, many people may not like that a cell phone uses a new connector, and this requires a data transfer cable which is not included with the product. It also uses only functional button, it is not very convenient. Throughout the rest of the phone Siemens AF51 is a good purchase.
TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]

Fly Ezzy Trendy 2 - phone, where the price matches the quality

At first glance, this handset differs from the others in its simplicity, in a comfortable, convenient and reliable. To purchase such model will be young and energetic people. To evaluate the ease of use of a device small size, weight and keys. All the details, and this is the lens of the camera, the connectors and the charger is closed. Color VGA camera has a variety of colors and effects. In a notebook, you can record 254 rooms. Alarm clock, calculator and task scheduler. It is possible to download melodies and images.
TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]
Cons of the phone
A small plug in the socket to the housing is not attached and it can be easily lost while charging the phone. Despite the minor drawback, the budget model is particularly in demand.

Samsung C130 – inexpensive but comfortable

Stylish, beautiful and business-like looks. Externally, the device resembles the decomposition of the slider, which only makes it solid. Samsung receives a multimedia message, looks up the web page, the recorder may not operate during a call, the recording duration is 30 seconds. Even a beginner can quickly and comfortably use such a mobile phone.
Samsung 130 is quite easy to use and looks different as its expensive type.
The phone has a memory of 90 calls and a book with 500 rooms. Battery - Li-Ion 750 mAh and 65536 colors (CSTN).
TOP 3 cheapest phones [review and selection of the best]
What are the disadvantages
Samsung C130 has some disadvantages – it is substandard housing Assembly with uncomfortable keyboard. In a noisy environment, the speaker volume decreases. The surface near the screen very easily soiled. The disadvantages of the need to carry inconvenient joystick, keyboard, and the lack of fields in the address book. Samung 130 is one of the few mobile which are suitable for any generation.
Without any doubt a popular and good at exploiting the phones are always reliable and cheap.

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