TOP 3 smartphones with best camera

TOP 3 smartphones with best camera

A hundred years ago the ability to take photos and record video was just some people with heavy and complicated equipment, and in hundred percent cases it could only be a commercial project. In the twenty-first century to take photos and shoot video every owner of a mobile phone equipped with a camera (which is 97% of all phones). Among manufacturers of mobile devices is a real struggle for the production of compact devices with high quality camera and not reduced performance.

Indeed, in the age of social media, almost everyone needs to upload videos and photos, and it would be better if these products are of high quality. This article will review the smartphones with the best cameras, the actual in the spring of 2019.

LG V30+ (3rd place)

LG V30 surprised users an excellent quality video capture and high resolution photos. The new version, with the prefix "+", reinforcing all the positive qualities of its predecessor. The main camera is, as expected, dual – 16 and 13 megapixels. Indexes, aperture: f/1.6 and f/1.9, respectively.
Due to the "binocular" the output of the cameras viewing angle of the smartphone is 120 degrees.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
Such parameters of the cameras allow to obtain photos and videos of the highest quality regardless of the conditions. Cameras protected glass lenses that prevent light dispersion. In addition, inside the "eye" has a feature optical stabilization, which does not allow the picture to move. In addition, the front panel installed another camera capacity of 5 mega pixels with the diaphragm, one and a half times back.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
Technical specifications are also impressive:
  • Of the eight processor cores and a power of 1.7 GHz;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • OVC with capacity of 128 GB in order to have the ability to save large number of photos and high quality videos. If suddenly this is not enough, it can be expanded up to 2 TB.
  • Screen resolution: 2880х1440 pixels.
  • The battery capacity of 3.3 Ah. For daily shooting will not work, but a few hours will last.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
It is worth all this fun is about sixty thousand.

XIAOMI MI NOTE 3 (2nd place)

This smartphone is much cheaper than its predecessor, despite having more powerful equipment: two rear camera at 12 megapixels each, with an aperture of f/1.8 and f/2.6. Zoom in both cameras is without loss of resolution thanks to its built in telescopic module. Front camera this time superior to its neighbors, possessing a capacity of 16 megapixels.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
The hardware characteristics are not inferior to the predecessor, but the battery is more capacious and fast charging, internal storage found in smaller sizes.
As for the display, there is rather weak for such cost option: 1920x1080 pixel and 5.5 inch. This resolution corresponds to the average computer monitor and phone with a photographic function is not enough.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
The cost of the device is about 20,000 rubles, which is three times cheaper versus the previous instance with almost the same camera, but the improved technical parameters.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera

VIVO X20 PLUS UD (1st place)

This device has not yet launched, but is already becoming the object of discussions among fans to shoot video. The camera is inherited from the predecessor with the same name but without the "UD".
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
Dual main camera: 12 megapixels in the first module and 5 in the second. The second is needed to give blur effect to the background and you can customize the display. Power front camera is 12 megapixels, but without the second module.
TOP 3 smartphones with best camera TOP 3 smartphones with best camera
The display resolution will be 2160х1080 pixels, if not more. All other features, according to the developers, will be improved. The exact price is still unknown, but it would be close to five hundred dollars.

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