TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]

TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular. This is a handy gadget that you can use for any purpose. Their main advantage is the absence of awkward and ugly wires.

Meizu POP

Case the headphones plastic, glossy, quite nice in the hand. The bottom of the case connector Type-C for charging. Cover case is convenient to open with one hand, but without the help of man itself will not open. Inside the lid of the case is rubberized under headphones, and in the case visible contacts for connecting the headphones charged. There is a possibility to charge the wireless charging case. Control of headphones is a touch panel, which is on both headphones.
Also included is 2 sets of ear cushions:
  • standard;
  • for better fixing in the ear (with a different design, similar to headphones Meizu EP-51).
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Double tapping the right earbud: Includes the following song.
Double-tap on the left earcup: Includes previous song.
Hold your finger on the sensor right headphone: a Smooth increase in volume.
Hold your finger on the sensor in the left earphone: Gradual decline in volume.
One tap: Stops the music playback.
Three touch: Causes the voice assistant.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Pros: excellent fixation in the ears very securely. Beautiful design, glossy. Good price. Headphones with an open lid will not fall out. When listening to music, not even loud, full sound insulation from the environment. The feeling of a "wider stage." You can hear every instrument and sound. Convenient operation. A broad range of nozzles in the set. Supported wireless charging. Bulk battery (case is enough for 4 full recharging headphones; one headphone a full charge lasts for 3 hours). Fast charging cable (fully charging the case takes around one hour; wireless charging about 3 hours). You can use both the headset as a headset, but you can only main – right.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Cons: Easily scratched as cases and headphones. To some it may seem too slippery plastic because of its luster. Sometimes headphones are not easy to get from the case because of the slippery plastic and magnets. On some phones can sometimes be a lag of a sound from video.
Important! Headphones protected from moisture, but to take a shower is not recommended.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

The manufacturer of these headphones is considered the best of its kind. The model is universal - can be used as a wire, or through connection. The battery lasts for 14 hours. Full charge requires two hours.
Pros: surround sound, cool sound. Option Multipoint allows you to connect to multiple devices. Quality connecting the "ears" (flexible). Two microphones (one on the wire). Touch adjustment. There is NFC connectivity, but also Bluetooth "to do so" promptly. Quality of elements and compounds.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Cons: Dense, volumetric Cup, because of this, sometimes, ears can sweat.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]

Apple AirPods

Virtually weightless liners have touch control. However, unfortunately, due to the compact sizes do not have a long battery life. In the playing mode of music, they can be no more than 5 hours. The conversation "eats" the charge even faster for 2 hours. Frequency range standard (20 to 20 thousand Hz), but the functionality is impressive.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Pros: Reliable communication thanks to chip W1. Directional microphones reduce the level of extraneous noise. The ability to use Siri assistant. Compatibility with other gadgets, "Apple", as well as Windows and Android. Lightning cable in a set. The connection to powerbank in the case increases the time of active use up to 24 hours. The charging time is 15 minutes. Are securely held in the ears.
TOP 3 wireless headphones for phone [review]
Cons: Unreasonably high price. A small amount of supplies to Russia.
Important! Each earphone weighs only 4 grams.

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