TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]

TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]

For 2018, the year produced many phone models that have become successful thanks to superior functionality and design solutions. A combination of factors led to the hit list of the best smartphones. The rating includes iOS and Android so no one will be neglected – this will be your help in choosing the phone. The basis for the conclusions was the performance, internal memory, battery time, design and overall impression of the use for several days.

Motorola Moto G5s Plus

This model attracts the attention of a potential customer for its low price and high-quality IPS-screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Other advantages of the device are such factors:
  • the presence of dual camera, 8 MP front camera which is useful for conversations;
  • capacious battery (three thousand mAh), so with proper optimization, do not connect the device to the power outlet for a long time;
  • small weight and dimensions (5.5 inch) – you can wear the device in your pocket or bag comfortably, without fear that he will fall.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
The downside of the smartphone is installed OS – Android version 7.1, which could theoretically be the cause of incompatibility with the new applications.

Google Pixel 3

The phone has an interesting feature – the use of artificial intelligence for processing images, if you want to add colors or to compensate for the lack of brightness in the room or on the street. The latest version of the operating system will allow you to work out of the box most of the apps from Play Market.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
Important! For "intelligent" shooting will need to hold the device still for a few seconds, like when creating a panorama, in order to get optimal results.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
High resolution display allows you to not just pass the image details but also handle it with the help of special programs manually.

iPhone Xs Max

As usual, the product from Apple there are a large number of options in terms of internal memory, which can be used for applications and personal files from 64 to 512 GB. Head around is the Bionic A12 processor, which is 40 percent more energy-efficient previous model.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
Fact: China has developed a special version of the device on two SIM cards.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
Double main and front camera (12 plus 12 and 7 MP) will be a good helper to those who are constantly shooting photos and videos, but no opportunity to apply for this full camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

One of the main competitors Apple impresses with its design and internal construction: 5 uses Gorilla Glass as the outer sheath together with a powerful CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. A special feature of the device is the stylus that can be used as a remote control. The availability of standard ports (USB Type C and a 3.5 mm Jack) makes the operation comfortable for the future. Battery at 4 thousand mAh battery is able to last a few days without charging when using the phone for its intended purpose.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review] TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

For lovers of shooting this model from the Chinese manufacturer will be a great gift for several reasons:
  • the presence of a triple main camera (40/20/8 MP) and 24МП of frontally that will give excellent results;
  • protection with the help of fingerprint scanner;
  • OLED screen – no loss of quality and brightness images at any angle.
TOP 5 best smartphones in 2018 [review]
Autonomous operation is provided by a battery of 4200 mAh, which when properly configured system will serve the long term and do not require connection to an electrical outlet at least a couple of days, even in active operation.

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