TOP 5 the thinnest phones

TOP 5 the thinnest phones

The thickness of the phone is the indicator which from a rational point of view does not matter (except that a thin phone is more fragile), but from the standpoint of convenience and novelty of this measurement is of interest to many consumers. For this reason, the developers of the smartphones need to launch a thinner device, and the finest models at the beginning of 2019 you can see from this article.

This rating lists the smartphones not only on the basis of thickness, also take into account the technical characteristics, popularity, and quality.


This product is suitable for those who do not want to spend on a smartphone a lot of money. The cost of this gadget a lot - about eight thousand rubles – but compared to other similar products is low.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
In addition to a presentable appearance and subtleties in the positive qualities of the phone are:
  • the high-resolution camera (13.1) and flash light provided by the led's.
  • The display diagonal of five inches, supports HD video.
  • The processor is divided into four cores and a power of 1.5 GHz. This hardware component allows the device without interference to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
As for battery life, it is, as may be expected from most modern devices are very weak and will not last more than a day. This unit weighs 130 grams.

LENOVO K900 (6, 9 mm)

Basically, this product is not superior to its predecessor, but technical specifications of this product is higher than the previous.
  • The CPU capacity of 2 GHz will allow you to run multiple "heavy" programs and perform various operations within them;
  • Strong speaker, which will discard the need for a portable speakers;
  • Support all networks except LTE. For the Russian Federation this network are out of date;
  • The internal memory of 32 GB will allow the user to save large amount of data. Memory card your phone does not support.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
Before this exhibit was at the peak of popularity, which its price was incredibly high. Now this is not a new product, because the cost and dropped to average.

LENOVO VIBE X (6, 85 мм)

Products from China, characterized by low cost and functionality. The casing looks like metal but made of plastic, which is inferior in strength, but much easier.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
Characteristics weaker than the previous, but also not weak:
  • Processor with four cores and a power of 1.5 GHz;
  • RAM capacity is 2 GB (for computer standards is not enough, but phone enough);
  • HD 5 inch screen;
  • The battery 2,050 Ah. It will allow to use the smartphone for half a day without recharging.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones

VIVO X5 MAX (4, 9 мм)

This model has not yet reached the open market, but its stated characteristics are already moving it to a position close to the best. The stated thickness of 4.75 mm, but to this must be added another and protruding camera, so the leader today, this phone will not.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
Accurately and reliably the characteristics of what happens, list is impossible, but the planned parameters are known:
  • The processor of eight cores with a power of 1.7 GHz;
  • RAM 2 GB;
  • Dual cameras – 13 and 5 MP.
  • Will weighs 146 grams.
The exact date of release of this miracle on sale is unknown.

OPPO R5 (4, 85 mm)

Another smartphone that is not yet launched, but is expected soon. According to specs, it is absolutely not inferior to "silver medalist" today's rating. The body is made of metal, so the weight of the device slightly increased – 155 grams, but now there is no need to worry about safety.
TOP 5 the thinnest phones
Due to the fact that the phone is too thin, the developers had to reduce the internal memory to 16 GB, and eliminate a connector for a wired headset.People are not confused, it only remains to wait for the phone on the shelves.

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