TOP 7 most useful apps for Android

TOP 7 most useful apps for Android

There are thousands of apps for phones on the Android platform. The most useful of them are presented in this review.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

The best alarm clock that will not allow you to stay in bed. All of this took place: a flick of the wrist turned off the phone and sleep "five more minutes," in about three hours.
With the Puzzle Alarm Clock to get rid of the alarm clock much more difficult. Will have to solve a puzzle or math problem. Even if this does not work, after five minutes, the alarm will remind to get up.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
The interface is very simple. The screen displays a list of existing alarms and the " + " button that allows you to add and configure a new. Here you can select the puzzle (the equation, the task of the memory, the write password, the sequence of the figures and the barcode scanner) and an incentive (check Wake, flashlight, continuous ringtone, limit breaks, run application after the tone, the reminder that it's time to sleep).
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
The application is a paid function, which allows to use it effectively


The app will help organize the data, your plans, ideas and thoughts. It allows you to create notes of different types (text, documents, photographs, manuscripts, audio), set reminders for a specific time, to store photos with text in one section. Notes can be grouped into notebooks and share it with others. With the latter, by the way, you can communicate in a comfortable chat.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
The program has a nice interface in the green style. It is intuitive, you can understand in a minute.
Google Play, the app is marked as “editor's Choice” and one of the top 5 apps for taking notes


Best service that will allow you to instantly see the weather anywhere in the world and see the forecast. The application has a nice, user-friendly and informative interface. It is possible to create widget with weather (a separate window on your desktop, smartphone) that will allow you to spend less time searching for information.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
There was a similar application Gismeteo lite from the same developers. Their functionality is slightly different. Details can be found in the program description on Google Play.


Early trending application that allows you to instantly identify the song you hear at the moment. You just open the program and click a button and have enabled "avtoshtamp" to press is not necessary.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
In addition to the main function, Shazam has some others:
  • searching for a desired song, the lyrics, the clip and the profile of the author;
  • the news of the release of new music;
  • sync with Android Wear, Spotify and the ability to share songs in social networks;
  • the application has more than 100 million downloads in Google Play.

WPS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, OneNote и т.д.)

To the surprise of some users, applications, Microsoft, without which it is difficult to imagine using Windows. Currently available in Google Play the following applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, Xbox, Outlook, Authenticator, OneDrive, OneNote, Lens, Edge, Solitaire Collection, PowerApps, Teams, Share Point, Face Swap and some others. Contrary to expectations, they are easy to use and good functionality.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android

MX Player

Best video player for Android. Supports a huge list of video formats and subtitles files. Its benefits in improved performance, support for more formats compared to the Android standard player and additional functions (zoom, subtitle, etc.).
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
The application has more than 500 million downloads in Google Play.

ES file Explorer

The best file sharing with a huge number of functions. It allows you to browse, create, edit files, share documents, to analyze the device memory and clean it up. Available synchronization with PC. Supports ZIP and RAR files.
TOP 7 most useful apps for Android
The application has more than 100 million downloads in Google Play.

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