What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

"What device to purchase?" - a topic that preoccupies a large number of admirers of Apple products, especially those who are confused about the variety of devices in the iPhone range.

Choosing the IPhone, the potential buyer of a product takes into account financial capabilities, preferences to buy a smartphone. Consider the common criteria by which to make a choice the correct model will be able to many.

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

Buying budget

IPhones in Russia cheaper not as fast as we would like, but positive trends do occur, even in spite of the diversity of domestic factors, including a rise in VAT.

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

It is also important that models produced earlier, do not lose relevance today.

iPhone SE. The purchase of new products with memory options of 32 GB is possible at a reasonable cost 19 thousand it Is possible to acquire restored iPhone SE with memory options, GB B16 — 17 thousand rubles, with 128 GB for 20 thousand

What restored device?

Legally restored devices purchased at an undervalue, understand the benefit.

Under similar device, means the product delivered to the manufacturer on the warranty card or according to the exchange program. Experts repair the device, recheck the operation of the device, modify the body, replace the battery, at the end packaged and sold in stores at a lower cost. On restored device iPhone extends warranty card Apple for this reason, the purchase of a smartphone is not correlated with risk.

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

If you have a small budget for the purchase, no harm will focus on the iPhone 6s. For 2018 the smartphone is lost.

Buy iPhone 6s with memory options of 32 GB there is a possibility of over 25 thousand are being Implemented restored the device: iPhone 6s 16 GB — 20 thousand iPhone 6s memory size 64 GB — 25 thousand iPhone 6s 128GB — 27 THD

Is it worth to buy iPhone SE the iPhone 6s, will not lose if they are relevant this year?

No need to worry about it. In the set of devices included a powerful processor that allows the smartphone to work quickly. Smartphones are of good performance, can long time be a long time interval without recharging (at the time of purchase), in addition, the device makes high-quality images.

Which iPhone is better to buy?

SE iPhone, the iPhone 6s will update iOS iOS 13 and 14, which will occur in future years.

We should not exclude the fact that smartphones made iOS 15. In other words, support for Apple devices is guaranteed for a long time. It does not say, for example, about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, to them not talking in this text material. To buy these models is not recommended.

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

Planning to buy a budget smartphone, but I want to buy a quality device, buy SE or 6s/6s Plus. These models are not the same in functionality as the flagship, but their rapid work on the iOS platform 12, are guaranteed the support of Apple for several years, the device makes high-quality images.

On no sorry means

This year in the Russian market there is a significant price run-up on the iPhone different model years. For this reason, people are willing to pay "slightly" more on smartphone is limited choice.

A worthy purchase can be considered — the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory. The device can be bought for 34 500 rubles. The newest iPhone will cost more.

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

iPhone 7 – gorgeous unit, for fans of metal housings. The iPhone 7 case is made of durable aluminum alloy, made in corporate colors (black in Matt or glossy version), powerful processor A10 Fusion, remains popular after 5 years, functional camera, the device is equipped with waterproof protection and has a large number of features.

Selection criteria – large display

IPhone line features a large assortment. The choice to do better, focusing capabilities of the potential buyer.Leader in the period of Autonomous operation - modification with large displays.

Record for work without recharging — iPhone XR, the cost of the device from 60 thousand

What IPhone is better to buy in 2019

iPhone with display of 5.5 inches and more different large time interval, Autonomous operation, increasing, depending on the novelty of the device.

Before buying you should evaluate the financial capacity, choose suitable model.

Economical cost or purchase option

If the money to buy not a pity, the best choice iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max. If savings are appropriate to you to purchase iPhone X — it is not worse than new features, and design similar.

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