What to do if forgot password IPhone

What to do if forgot password IPhone

In a situation when the owner of the phone, Apple has forgotten the password or the screen popped up a message "device offline" as a rule, first comes the horror. Remember that it is better not to enter wrong password many times, trying to find the right configuration, as this may lead to the fact that the phone is locked, and all data may be erased. Better calm down, and in the future, knowing the methods and performing the necessary actions Dolny easily bring your phone to normal state.

What to do if forgot password IPhone

Method 1. To reset the password on iPhone by restoring the backup

An option is for users who are constantly conducting synchronization of ablation account in iTunes. In this unpleasant situation, you can log into your account and download the copy version of the phone, where the password has not yet been set. Because this procedure does not lose any data, and phone rasplachivaetsya.

What to do if forgot password IPhone

Steps to restore the backup:

Thus, it is possible easily not only to reset the password, but also recover other data relating to a system settings of Your iPhone.

Method 2. To remove the password by using the search option on the iPhone

With the running of the function "Find my iPhone" during access to the cloud storage iCloud, you can remove the password set on the phone. In order to log in to the cloud, however, you must remember the password for your Apple iD.

The only, but significant drawback is that this method leads to complete wipe data from your phone. to remove a password lock, however, all data are also erased. You should use this method only when other didn't help.

What to do if forgot password IPhone

Steps reset the password using cloud storage:

Using this method it is easy to lose data from your phone. To work the smartphone will need to restore a backup or configure your iPhone as new.

Method 3. Recovery mode on the iPhone

This method will help those who are not friends with the phone sync with iTunes, a backup of the phone at the time of absence of the phone is not available and backup is not available, and the function "Find my iPhone" in the cloud for some reason is not activated.

This method will help in any case and can be used for any desire, however it is absolutely detrimental to all the device's existing media files and other stored information.

Stages password reset via recovery mode on the iPhone:


Not a rare situation – set a password and forgot it on the first day. As can be seen from the above methods reset it, the situation is not very critical, but not pleasant. So, use the tips and before you set a new password better write it down.

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