What to do if your mobile fell in water?

What to do if your mobile fell in water?

In modern times people like to use the smartphone and, perhaps, almost everyone keeps it constantly in his hand. He is with us everywhere: when we sleep, work, play sports, and even in the bathroom. Therefore, there is a great risk of contingencies with him. One of the most common damage cellphone – water in it. This happens absolutely randomly, and after what happened we are at a loss for what to do next. In a bad situation can get absolutely any man. It is important to know how to act after the incident and that it is strictly forbidden to do.

What to do if your mobile fell in water?

Necessary actions after the incident

Save the phone from water

First of course you need as soon as possible to get the phone out of the water, wipe the drops with a towel. If it was enabled, you need to do the reverse operation – off. Water can cause short running processes inside the smartphone, it will lead him to death. Reacting quickly in a matter of minutes, you can have time to prevent it.

What to do if your mobile fell in water?

Important! Include the phone not while these recommendations will not be executed.

SIM card and the flash card is to remove the phone to drop I went. Speaking about the battery, it is recommended to remove it too. However, now produce the device, giving the ability to remove the battery cover as a standard user.

Dry the parts

All removed parts should be wiped with a dry towel or cloth. If your smartphone fell into the water – try to shake it. Such action will help to remove excess water, invisible to the eye.

Tip! It is not recommended to dry your phone with Hairdryer and vacuum cleaner. This can worsen the situation: the drops can get in deeper.

Hot air drying device is strictly impossible. The best solution is to put it in a jar with dry rice for a long time, gradually turning. This method is effective - groats absorb accumulated moisture. To turn on the phone in 24-48 hours.

What to do if your mobile fell in water?

Phone is not included: what to do?

If after drying the phone is not working, try to connect it to the charger. Not helped? The logical way out of this situation is to take it to a service center. Workers will make a diagnosis and will be known to future devices.

What to do if your mobile fell in water?

If you have experience disassembling the device and the warranty for this product has expired, try gently to disassemble. Everything is simple: clear as many details as possible from each other.

If you turn on the phone

In this case, check whether all functions work, sound, does the smartphone to connect the headphone/charging, etc. Often it may appear for a while, then off again. With the aim of caution, be sure to make all copies of data. After dropping your phone in water, their owners face problems:

  • The noise in the dynamics. It becomes clear that the water got there. Try to gently blow into the speaker, sometimes it helps to remove excess water from the walls of the sound membrane.
  • A constantly discharged battery. This means that the oxidation of the battery. The best remedy – an appeal to the specialist who will change the battery.
  • The stain on the display. It is likely that the screen gets wet or the screen layer started to flake off. You need to contact customer service, they'll help you handle any kind of problem.
  • The phone "sees" the headphones. Common case to get rid of that by using cotton buds. Carefully introduce it into the headphone Jack, but not very deep. Wait for some time to from the walls of the water gone.
What to do if your mobile fell in water?

These tips can help save the phone from getting inside water. It is important to be careful, and if you caught the trouble – be sure to give the gadget for repair. Perhaps one of the options will help extend the phone's life for several years.

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